Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"All the Light in the Sky": the life of a mid-list actress, living within her means, but in Malibu

All the Light in the Sky” (2012), directed by Joe Swanberg, is a nice little dramedy about how a middle-aged B-list actress lives within her means.  That is Marie, 45, played by Jane Adams, who has a nice little condo on Malibu Beach.  Now, I know a couple people there (though I haven’t visited them there) who have survived the wildfires, and probably face mudslides, earthquakes and tsunamis.  I think one of them took in some other people after one of the fires to set up a situation like “The Ice Storm.”  That idea would make a good movie script but Swanberg seems less interested in any such bombast.  This is indeed, a very quiet film.

Alice welcomes her 25-year-old niece Faye (Sophia Takal) for the weekend.  While Alice loses her chances for bigger roles to Kristen Wiig, Alice still looks forward to the possibility of getting in a vampire movie.  Alice is trying to improve her lot by supporting a solar engineer on a project that could lead to a film.  There is a metaphor here:  Alice’s living within her own means corresponds to the Earth’s, facing climate change.  
Each woman, however, tries some experiments with a couple of other men.  The all seem past peak;  the only visually appealing male comes through a Skype screen, asking Faye to show intimate parts.  

The film showed how people of “mid-level” competitive ability have to sell themselves to do the bidding of others to get work.  Faye isn’t sure she is really pursuing her own dreams. 

The chamber music score sounds familiar, and is played by the Orange Mighty Trio,  from Minneapolis according to Facebook (not Orange County).

The official Facebook site is here  (Factory 25 is the distributor).

The film can be rented on Amazon Instant Play and iTunes.

Wikipedia attribution link for Malibu Beach picture.   

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