Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Tiny: A Story About Living Small": a couple builds a tiny house off the grid in Colorado

In the 63-minute documentary “Tiny: A Story About Living Small”,  a couple (Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller, who both direct the film) document their building a 250-square-foot wooden house that will have to remain on wheels to conform to zoning rules.  Over a late winter and spring, they build it with their own hands in the Rocky Mountain foothills near Boulder, CO. 

The house runs completely on solar power, so that it can be placed in an area without grid electric service.  The commode is simply managed with peat.   

The film also shows several other homeowners building small, including one woman with a cancer diagnosis. 
This is not a lifestyle for people who collect things. 

The site for the film is here.  It can be watched on Netflix and was shown at SXSW.
Wikipedia attribution link for view of Great Plains from Boulder. 

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