Saturday, June 07, 2014

"Midnights with Adam": Asian American young man deals with coming out as gay (a "long" short film)

Midnights with Adam” is a “long short” (2013, 34 min, “Down To Films”, DTF) directed by Yudho Aditya presents a young Vietnamese American J. Harper Lee (Paul Nguyen) negotiating what he finds as social minefields as he comes out to himself as gay.  He attends a graduation party for a friend, presumably in LA, given by Annie (Amanda Kathleen Ward).  He is taunted by a bisexual guy, a big strong white man and jock named Danny (Ben Whalen), who behaves a bit like a bully.  This leads to a confrontation where Harper admits to Dan that he both hates Dan and feels attracted to him.  Where do you go with this? Will Danny clean himself up, literally?   The filming of the "climax" could have been clearer or more focused. 

I can certainly relate to being in that situation myself when I was in my late 20s, before “my second coming”.  I felt uncomfortable with my social clinging to particular young men I admired and this led to some minor confrontations, but I would never have used the word “hate”.

The film is available on YouTube free.  

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