Monday, June 02, 2014

"God of Wonders" argues for intelligent design

Tonight, after returning from a day trip and watching two Weather Channel simulations of tornadic events, I put on a religious film, “God of Wonders” (2008, by John Whitcomb and Dan Sheedy), goes through all the layers of nature, from cosmology to living things, to argue for intelligent design.

A God could be eternal and pre-exist, but a universe could not have come into existence without some kind of deliberate intent.  (There are statistical arguments, and calculations based on the “God particle”, or Higgs boson, that relate to the question as to whether the constants of physics could be just right by chance.)  The film also argues that DNA, because it contains information, could not exist without a conscious source.

The film points out that natural disasters -- particularly big storms, and especially lightning -- while harmful to advanced civilization, is actually necessary to life, especially animals, and that lightning creates compounds that fertilize the soil. 

The film is quite spectacular in its depiction of the oddities of biological nature.

For today’s short film, I’ll mention “The Fort Washington Story”, the National Park Service’s 10-minute history of the behemoth stone and mortar fort on the Potomac in southern Prince Georges County, MD. The fort was intended to defend Washington for the War of 1812, but its style of construction became obsolete very quickly.  It rather looks like a James Bond movie set now.

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