Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tyler Perry's "I Can Do Bad All by Myself"

Tyler Perry’s “I Can Do Bad All by Myself” (2009) plays the family responsibility card. April takes over raising three delinquent relatives (a nephew and two nephews) when they loot Madea’s (Tyler Perry doubled up) apartment.  This may remind one of “Summerland.” She has a married boyfriend and wants little to do with relatives’ kids.  But when she meets a Colombian immigrant Sandini (Adam Rodriquez) her whole heart changes, even toward “other people’s children.”
There’s a great sermon in the middle of the film, saying you can’t help others if you’re still broken yourself. 
I can remember a boss at a debt collection company who said to me, "I know you don't wan to do bad." 
The film can be rented for $2.99.  It now often airs on the "Bet*" network. 

May 27:
Notes about HBO's new film of Larry Kramer's "The Normal Heart" are on the Drama blog July 3, 2009; will be expanded as soon as I see the entire film. 

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