Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Truth": Sean Paul Lockhart returns in a thriller with echoes of "Bugcrush"

I picked up the DVD of Rob Moretti’s new gay thriller “Truth” because I was curious, at least, to see Sean Paul Lockhart (Caleb) in another film, having seen him perform as a likeable character in “Judas Kiss”.

The premise is troubling.  The film is told in retrospect as Caleb (who works in a coffee store) having waived an attorney, talks to a defendant’s advocate (Blanche Baker) in jail.  The main sequence of the story is his stormy relationship with a slightly older man Jeremy (Moretti himself).  Gradually, the backstory of Caleb’s relationship with his mentally ill mother gets told.  Caleb steers the relationship with Jeremy into SM, and when Caleb assimilates the idea that Jeremy is heterosexually married, he loses it.  The film does aim for a violent and tragic climax.

What happens to Jeremy (and his wife) is indeed an issue, and the progress of the film makes one tempted to view it as a kind of “Bugcrush II” (Jan. 29, 2008). In the SM scene, Caleb actually places a tarantula on Jeremy’s chest, which appears to have been pre-shaved for the entire movie. 

The back story where a teen Caleb visits his mom in the mental hospital has a horrific scene, where mom screams that he destroyed her when he came out of her womb and then became “queer” (the language is very graphic).

The film has a subplot showing Caleb's interest in horses, which provides some relief.  
The word "Truth" is tattooed on Caleb's upper arm.  It's not so clear that he is "pscyhologically feminine" in the parlance of the polarity theory of Paul Rosenfels. 
The link for the film is here. It was filmed around Montclair NJ (where I worked for Univac in the early 1970s) and Fort Lee, NJ.  The film comes from Left-of-Center, TLA, and Canteen Outlaws.

The DVD has an extra “Stranger than Fiction” to depict the making of the film, and shows Sean throwing up after a shooting.  There deleted and extended scenes are quite extensive.

There is an interesting biographocal story about Sean Paul Lockhart, born in Idaho, on imdb, here. As a porn star, his screen name was Brent Corrigan.  The story is startling, if closed now;  it could probably become the subject of an independent film or a “Dateline” episode itself.  Apparently, someone else (Bryan Charles Kocis) had claimed his screen name before.  Apart from the story here, the issue of duplicate screen and domain names, in the show business industry and on the Internet as domain names, can lead to enormous legal problems, which I’ve discussed before on my other blogs. 
Pictures: Montclair, NJ, my own visit, July 2011.  The second picture shows where I worked for Univac on 1972-1973 on Claremont Ave, a couple blocks off Bloomfield Ave. 

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