Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Wake Up": You might see an angel if you're alert

In “Wake Up”, Jonas Elrod (who directs his own film with Chloe Crispi), 37 when the film was shot (in 2010) describes his experience of suddenly being able to see angels or supernatural beings in connection with ordinary people.  He says that the ability developed suddenly around 2006 or so while he was living in New York City.
Jonas visits various ashrams around the country looking for an explanation for his ability.  For example, he visits the Ramtha Institute for Enlightenment near Seattle, and also a native American camp where he experiences a sweat-out.  He journeys to the University of Arizona, then New Mexico, as well as to Rome.  Later he visits a professor at Princeton who has placed random number generators around the world to measure the effects of mass “non local” consciousness.  He says that the generators behave different during world events, and started behaving oddly about 4:30 AM on the morning of 9/11 in 2001. Early in the film, he visits his family in south Georgia. 
I lived in New York City in 1974-1978 and made quests in various areas, including Mexico City, several trips to Understanding (Dan Fry’s group) at Tonopah, AZ (west of Phoenix), Seattle, and the Mt. Shasta area in northern CA, as well as Texas.  Later, while living in Dallas, I visited the Lama Foundation (north of Taos, NM) twice, as well as Alberta, Toronto, and Britain, and, well, Belle Glade, FL.  I’m a little surprised that Lama didn’t wind up in Elrod’s film, or that he didn’t come across Dan Fry’s work.
The official site is here.
The film had a narrow aspect ratio.  Elrod composed the music for the film.

My own perception is that an angel would look like the rest of us.  If you weren’t too sinful, you might notice.  

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