Thursday, March 27, 2014

"The After Life Investigations", where spirits show up on film; "Lost Angel" features Timo Descamps in appealing short film

The After Life Investigations”, directed by Tim Coleman and featuring Donal MacIntyre, is a somewhat crude documentary (2010) from the UK describing experiments at “The Scole” and other places (like in Los Angeles) to contact the dead through séances, particularly trying to capture audio and photographic evidence.

In some cases, the entities present visages resembling what they looked like alive.  The film claims that Polaroid film left unopened in a particular field in a séance will form the images.

Toward the end of the film, there is a sequence where an entities enters a quartz piece, which dematerializes and then returns. 

The film really doesn’t offer much in the way of speculation on what the afterlife is like. 

The documentary mentions the 2005 film "White Noise" (Universal), by Geoffrey Sax, with Michael Keaton playing an architect trying to contact his wife from the hereafter or "afterlife".  She holds "the dead hand".
The video (with reduced aspect ratio and rather average technical quality) can be viewed on Netflix Instant play. 

The “short film” for today was pretty interesting.  That is “Lost Angel” (2013, 17 min), directed by Derek Efrain Villanueva. Timo Descamps (“Shane Lyons” in “Judas Kiss”, reviewed here June 4, 2011) plays Michael, a tourist arrives at LAX from Amsterdam.  He loses his wallet and drops his cell phone. But Carlitos (Villaneuva) takes him to the motel where he lives to put him up, and tells Mikhael he makes a living as a hustler.  A “customer” shows up and Michael has to hide.  When the customer drives to rob Carlitos, Michael intervenes, chasing the customer and probably saving Carlitos.  A good person finds Michael’s wallet, and life resumes. 

The film comes from “Riot Scene Media”.  

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