Thursday, February 27, 2014

"And the OSCAR Goes To", from CNN and TCM, documentary gives the history of the Oscars

On Thursday night, February 27, 2014, CNN Films aired a special documentary preparatory for the Oscars on March 2, “And the OSCAR Goes to …”, by Robert Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, narrated by Anjelica Huston.  The film was produced by Turner Classic Movies (site ).
The documentary goes back to the very first ceremony, with only twelve awards, won by “Wings” (Feb. 9, 2012).  That was the only silent film to win Best Picture, and that was the only year that "Best Title Editing" was a category.  "The Jazz Singer" was a sound film that year, but not eligible for some reason.  
A particularly difficult time occurred in the 1950s with McCarthyism, and the blacklisting of actors, directors and even writers if they were believed to sympathize with Communism.  
The documentary interviewed Stephen Spielberg, who explained why he filmed most of “Schindler’s List” in black and white.
There was a scene from the quirky 1999 drama “American Beauty”.
Jason Reitman (“Juno”) often talked, and said that you can’t make a good movie from a weak screenplay. 

Jared Leto ("Artifcat", Jan. 26) appeared with long hair, beard, buttoned up, fully male, and recovered from playing Rayon -- how does someone in his 40s look 25? 

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were shown accepting their award for “Good Will Hunting”, which Matt still insists is on his old hard drive.  

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