Sunday, January 05, 2014

"Things You Don't Tell": typical B-movie soap-opera stuff

I rented the B-movie “Things You Don’t Tell” out of a need to account for films titled with permutations and combinations of words involving asking and telling (see Sept. 15, 2013). 
This one seems a bit of a conventional contrivance, with chapters like “Don’t tell dad”. “Don’t tell the kids”, and “Don’t tell the shrink.” 
Set around Venice and Chatsworth, CA the film puts together different ploy threads and stereotyped characters the way a soap opera would.
Chris (Edward F. Villaume), married to Doris (Noel Thurman) with two small kids, but is seeing Samantha (Amanda Baumann), as if she were “Sami” in “Days of our Lives”.  She even has a boardwalk flower shop named after her.   When his wife’s brother, mentally unstable graphic artist Ted (Ryan Reyes) sees Chris and Sami at the beach, Chris makes them flee.  Sami is soon beaten up in a home invasion, and Chris and Doris start getting divorced.  But soon Doris is stalked herself, and takes the kids on the lam. (Curiously, it's Doris who looks like the Days character Sami.)  
There are some asides. Ted has a shrink, but he also has a more stable brother and business partner who is improperly trying to use his job at an auto machine to get his graphic novel published. 
Toward the end, the domestic plot twists stretch credibility, for me at least.

The title song "Only You" sounds quite familiar.

The official site is here
The 2006 film, directed by Alex Melli, comes from Anthem and Image.

I have a review of the documentary “TWA Flight 800” on my “Films on Major Threats to Freedom” blog January 4. 

Picture: Palm Springs, 2012 (mine). 

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