Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Visioneers": a satire that shows people too much into their own dreams

Visioneers” (2008) is a little satire by Jared and Brandon Drake, available on Amazon instant and Snag.
The premise of the film seems to derive from concerns over the loss of “social capital” expressed by Rick Santorum, Charles Murray, and O.S. Guiness.  Society has carried hyperindividualism to the point that people are so into their own little worlds that they explode, literally.  The blowups come as a result of dreams that seem to become an alternate reality.  (Can people share dreams?)  Actually, people can have cardiac arrests in intense dreams. No, the film doesn’t show bodies exploding (like “Alien” did), and I think it would have helped the humor if it had. 
There’s a big company, the Jeffers Corporation, that the government has contracted to draw people back into “working together” and conformity.  I think you could say that Facebook has actually created a mentality of social compliance. 
George Washington Wimsterhammerman  (Zack Galifianakis) is said by the doctors to be a passive, subordinate man, the doctors aren’t too concerned when he starts having symptoms of a possible blowup. But they want him to start taking the tests and doing the exercises.  At his palatial home, George tries to repair his marriage with Michelle (Judy Greer).
The technical quality of the 95-minute film seemed substandard; the definition wasn’t quite standard and the sound was muffled.  But the Amazon rental ($2.99) is legal.
The official site is here. 
D.W. Moffett is chilling enough as Mr. Jeffers, the mogul who is willing to exploit the “moral weakness” of everyone else to become the next Hitler.
The film was shot around the Seattle area and in the Cascade foothills.  But the indoor scenes at the corporation are indeed monotone.  These are people, after all, who, like the patients at my 1962 NIH stay, want to be “dulled”.

Zach’s dream is interesting enough, to time travel back to the time of George Washington. 

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