Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Enough Said" for serendipity; different folks do need different strokes as they age

Enough Said”, the romantic comedy by Nicole Holofcener, really seems to convey the idea, “Different strokes for different folks”.  That’s the case even with accidental love parallelograms.
Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), divorced, carries around her massage bed for work in Valley and Hollywood homes as if it were airport luggage. Well, besides diversity, she also encounters serendipity.  She fears loneliness as her daughter prepares to leave for college. First, she befriends the gentle middle aged bear Albert.(James Gandolfini), and then a woman Marianne (Catherine Keener) who really can make a living with her poetry, enough to belong to the Author’s Guild.  Oh, I remember those days in English lit when we had 50 pages of poetry to read for each lecture, with possible card quizzes.  I don’t know if all those literary nerds really made a living at it.  But, guess what, there are other relationships behind the scenes.

The script makes a lot of Albert’s portliness and, well, he has to find inventive ways to pretend to be attractive.  You really don’t want to imagine him naked. Is this "comedy" a pitch for aesthetic realism? Does the movie suggest that there is some moral imperative to stay in the game when over the hill, for the good of everyone else?
I’ve never watched “The Sopranos” and I’m not particularly fond of that sort of character (like Stefano in “Days of our Lives”) whose main virtue is fecundity.

The official site from Fox is here

I saw this at the AMC Shirlington in Arlington VA on a Thursday evening, before a small audience.  

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