Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Beneath the Darkness" is another loosely Poe-inspired horror film

Beneath the Darkness” is another film very loosely inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Release in 2012 by Image, this film by Martin Guigui sets up a respected mortician Ely Vaughn (Dennis Quaid) as a covert killer.  It takes place in a Texas Hill Country town (Smithville or Bastrop).
It all started when Ely became jealous when his wife Rosemary (Amber Bartlett) cheats with a popular English teacher’s husband, he kills her but preserves her corpse so that he can dance with her as a fetish.  Some of the teacher’s students stumble onto this, and go into Ely’s house.  One of them, Danny (Devon Werkheiser) is killed in the intrusion.  The remaining kids, especially Travis (Tony Oller) keep after Ely, eventually pushing his psychosis over the edge. It gets dangerous as Travis gets shot in the thigh, and then gets charged with burglary as a result of his investigations. Ely uses more coffins to his advantage.  It’s a horrible way to go. Finally, Travis gets to turn the coffin, so to speak.
The screenplay has the typical structure, of the kids as heroes, facing urgent (if a bit contrived) dangers and obstacles. 
The film has a couple of interesting high school classroom scenes, one in which the kids act out Shakespeare.  The kids seem like role model teens, except that Travis has let his grades slip (there’s an image of a graded test with an “F”).  The teens indeed are very clean cut. 
The official site is here
The film has songs composed and performed by Dennis Quad and The Sharks. 

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