Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Seven Psychopaths": Brits have an odd idea of American modern spaghetti westerns

There are people in Hollywood who write screenplays for a living and actually get calls from agents about their next assignment.  The practice reminds me of my own getting calls from a self-publisher trying to get me to mount silly initiatives to mass sell my own books. 
In “Seven Psychopaths” (Martin McDonagh) Marty Faranan (Collin Farrell) has to come up with a tight plot for his screenplay by that name, so he needs to meet real psychopaths.  He turns to Billiy(Sam Rockwell) who makes a living kidnapping celebrities’ dogs and collecting ransom. Billy’s crime partner is a fake preacher Hans (Christopher Walken).  Billy and Hans steal an exotic pet (a Shih Tsu) belonging to a gangster played by Woody Harrelson. In the meantime, Martin has penned a working script based on “The Quaker”  (Harry Dean Stanton). 

This sets up a comic bloodbath, where body parts roll in spaghetti western style, with modern LA as the backdrop.  Curiously the film is produced by a British company (Film 4) along with Alliance Atlantis, and distributed in the US by CBS Films and Sony.
The official site is here

Martin finally makes his deadline.

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