Monday, September 09, 2013

"Adore" is too choppy to deliver on its "anything goes" premise

The Australian film “Adore”, by Anne Fontaine, takes itself seriously, with coastal scenery and schmaltzy music.  The premise, based on the novel “The Grandmothers” by Doris Lessing, has two middle aged moms (Naomi Watts and Robin Wright), neighbors in a bucolic sunny setting, falling in love with the opposing young adult sons (James Frecheville and Xavier Samuel). 

The sons even get married and have kids, adding to the family tension.  The two young men seem to fight a bit – there is an ocean scene that recalls “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, and even tease the boundaries of homoeroticism but never really go down that path.  The two older women go  little farther, however, into lesbianism to supplement their torrid heterosexual lives.  This could be a film where “Anything Goes”.

Unfortunately, the narrative is too choppy, the scene cuts to abrupt and truncated.  The movie, at 100 minutes, seems to have a lot of deleted scenes.  Maybe director’s commentary with the DVD will help.
The film does go into Tom’s acting and directing career toward the end, but doesn’t do as much with Ian, despite his serious injury, which heals all too quickly and completely to have even happened.

This is also a fantasy world where young men have a grand total of zero chest hairs.

The official site (from Exclusive Media) is here. That’s an ironic name for a distributor.

I saw this at the Avalon in Washington, the only theater showing it here.  There was a small crowd, but the Redskins provided competition (while losing).

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