Monday, August 19, 2013

Igigi Studios short films: "The mock's not on me"; also,"G" from India, and the "Top Ten Gay Movies of All Time" by someone

Today, I looked at some of the films at the site of IgigiStudios.

There are three short films in a series by Jason Greene called “BEINGreene” (or “Being Greene”). 
The first is “Gay Birthdays” as Greene celebrates his 23rd birthday, outdoors in the LA Silverlake community, with his devoted dog, who is not fooled toward the end of the short (6-1/2 minutes) when Greene puts on tights with leopard spots to go into light drag.  The visitor can compare to a feature “The Dog Walker” (2002), reviewed here  Sept. 19, 2006 (previewed by IFPMSP when I was living in Minneapolis in 2002).  Greene follows a mockmentary style, even saying “The mock’s not on me”.  The direct link (typical of the site) is here
The second is “The Greene Technique”, a visual meditation that aims toward the goal of changing people into aliens, a rather inverse idea from “invasion of the body snatchers” (maybe more like “Friday’s Aliens” (Feb. 27, 2011). 
Both Greene films use black and white at the beginning and end to sharpen the effect.

The third film, “Inner Child”, about 20 minutes, was reviewed here Oct. 8, 2012 (on the same posting as for Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie”). 

The Igigi site also hosts the “” Series, by Reid Ewing, aka “Reid Rainbow”.  It looks like I reviewed these on May 13, 2013 along with a feature documentary, “Do Ask Do Tell” about the now repealed military gay ban.  When I reviewed these before, they had been on YouTube, before being moved here apparently in July 2013.  I looked at these short films again and the libertarian satire really comes through.  Reid’s “mockumentary” acting (perhaps based a bit on his “Modern Family” character Dylan) is brilliant, and cuts right through social classes.  Reid’s viewpoint seems to be that government is set up only to keep the rich even richer and in power.   Both “liberals” and “conservatives” would enjoys these films, for different reasons.  Maybe they should be played before our dysfunctional partisan Congress.   They would play well on NBC’s  SNL or Comedy Central.  Could Reid host SNL?   It would seem that Reid ought to make some income from these.  Even Donald Trump would think so. 

The film I reviewed yesterday (“Terms and Conditions…”) also takes up the question of “what in life is free” – that is, what is the bargain on the Internet when you get free stuff – and invite the whole world to watch you and the government to bust into your home some day.  OK, I sound like Julian Assange. Could this inspire a “ 04” film?  I hope so.

Reid, Jason "et al" may know about the "Mockumentary film festival", link
Igigi has a trailer for a feature film called “Project Philippines”, by Sur Realismo, about five dancers from Juilliard who travel home to teach dance.  It also announces another feature, “Chouinard”, about an art institute of that name.  There is also a short called “Curly”, about an inner city youth gaining access to art classes.   Many of the films mentioned on this site are directed in part by Gianina Ferreyra.  

Igigi also appears to have just added a trailer for "You Are the Sea" (short), by Sur Realismo, based on a play by Zachary Kolodjeski. 
I looked at a few short films tonight.  One of them is “G: Tamil Short Film”, by A. R. Raveentha. Two young men in India fall in love, for richer or poorer, literally, as over 29 minutes they experience everything.  Most of the film is in Hindu (a little in English) without subtitles.  There is also subplot of being videotaped.
Then there exists the 8-minute short “Only Always You” by Anthony Aguiar.  A somewhat homely young man hides in an outdoor park as he sketches a handsome young man doing calesthenics, and then puts himself in the scene.  When a real life female shows up, complications develop.  With Brandon Rogers and Andy Flora.

“Jay Bell Books” lists his “Top Ten Gay Movies of All Time”, taking about 20 minutes, here.  I’ve seen most of them.  My favorite on his list is “Judas Kiss”.

Update: Sept. 5, 2013

There is another gay short film where drawing a sketch figures into the plot.  It is "Wastelands", a Dutch short by Marco van Bergen (13 min).  A teenage boy meets someone whom he has a crush on and camps out on the beach, platonically, and is disappointed when the other boy is straight.  Cinemascope.  Look for it on YouTube.

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