Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Unfinished Song" (or "Song for Marion"): a lonely senior widower connects to others through his wife's music

The English drama “Unfinished Song” (with alternate title “Song for Marion”), by Paul Andrew Williams,  fits into the genre established earlier with “Quartet”, connecting senior citizens to music – this time, more of the pop kind.

Terence Stamp plays an elderly Arthur, taking care of a declining wife Marion (Vanessa Redgrave), with an estranged middle aged son James (Christopher Eccleston).  He has resisted performing in public or enjoying group social activities with other people in a community.  One night, Marion passes away, right beside him.
He tells James not to see him again, but then the lure of Marion’s past draws him into working with his wife’s choir.  Eventually, he sings solo himself at the end of the film.  The song (by Laura Rossi) has some of the broad melodic contours of “In the Moonlight”.  Some of the songs during the ending credits have a real lilt.

I remember Stamp as a younger actor, playing “The Collector” (William Wyler) in 1964, where he plays a man kidnapping women with chloroform, until one female “tempts” him in a particularly curious scene that sticks to memory.

The Weinstein Company’s best official site appears to be this.

I saw this film at the AMC Shirlington in Arlington VA before a small crowd late Friday night.

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