Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Coffee Town": College Humor Media offers new comedy on Instant play at same time as theatrical; Josh Groban in the movies

Again, I found another little movie where the producer assembled a cast of popular people.  This is the little comedy “Coffee Town”, available for streaming rental from Amazon video ($6.99) while it’s in a few theaters like in NY and LA.  It’s produced and self-distributed by College Humor Media.

The best known star is singer Josh Groban, who manages a “Valley” coffee shop in LA, and plays for tips at a club at night.

The narrator is website manager Will (Glenn Howerton), who uses the “free” WiFi to make the coffee shop his office, and has to pump orders.  When some real estate developers want to convert the coffee place into an upscale bistro, the cast of characters arranges an Argo-fake robbery to keep the place less desirable to investors.   They even have an inside man from the LAPD, Gino (Ben Schwartz).

Some of the humor in the film is weird indeed.  When Will gets displaced from his favorite chair and works on a sofa, he gets a laptop burn on his thighs and elsewhere, which a girlfriend whom he takes home discovers. 

There’s also a sequence with a man with Down Syndrome, which may seem tasteless to some people. But the character pulls a major surprise in the plot.

And, there’s also the issue of the dead hand, telling a story from the grave, maybe.

The film is written and directed by Brad Copeland.

The official Tumblr blog for the film is here

I’m not sure this one will get that far.

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