Thursday, July 18, 2013

"1313: Bermuda Triangle": this sci-fi series for gay men follows its own formula too closely

Having been moderately tantalized by a “1313” film about Roswell by David DeCoteau (June 30), I tried another, contemporaneous, from the series, “1313: Bermuda Triangle” (about 78 minutes) on Netflix.
Although the very earliest shots of tropical Caribbean scenery (but actually filmed near Mailbu Beach) look promising, very quickly we encounter the same “cookie cutter” formula for a “horror” film.  Shirtless young men, one at a time, wander through the hall of resort (that indoors seems to the same stage resort as in the other film, down to the half-car) and meet a bizarre demise (this time, sudden lightning bolts). 

The correspondences among the characters to the other movie, however, are a bit different.  This time, the “ring leader” male, Sean, is himself up to no good, and we learn that quickly, as he hires (and then “murders”) a young Jamaican to run an errand for him as he sets up his “treasure hunt” that will make him famous and rich. Sean (Stefan Gatt, who has also appeared in College Humor Media [July 14]) is bulked up and overbuffed, down to having shaved even his underarms.  The older female character this time, Echo (Michelle Bauer) is a blogger, who has been hired mysteriously to cover the treasure hunt, and starts checking up on Sean, finding he has a record.  We learns she also sometimes works for a police department, which is an odd thing for a “professional” blogger to do, at least from my perspective.  Well, bloggers do get “classified” material passed to them sometimes.  There’s an opportunity with this kind of setup to play a Wikileaks angle in the story, but this film is too far away to take advantage of that plot possibility.

The other guys who show up to work for Sean (and are sworn to confidentiality agreements, even about their own theories about the Bermuda Triangle) are pretty stereotyped and hard to distinguish – except for Clay (Kip Canyon), the “oceanographer”.  He behaves a little bit like Spock, and is the only male character to show up not shirtless, an important clue in this formulaic film.  And he’s the only guy with chest hair.  We like Clay more than anyone else, and pretty soon have good reason to.

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