Saturday, June 01, 2013

"DMT: The Spirit Molecule": Does nature want us to experience cosmic consciousness?

The little documentary “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” (2010), by Mitch Schultz, claims that the ordinary molecule dimethyltryptamine (DMT), apparently intrinsic to most major living organisms on Earth (except proto-bacteria) is a key to cosmic consciousness.
The film traces experiments done on various subjects, which it says are legal and fundable if kept within medical protocol guidelines.  The subjects all reported “visions” that made them think they were in contact with higher planes of consciousness or with “angels”. 

The film has a lot of geometric animation that reminds one of the conclusion of Kubrick’s “2001”.
The view of consciousness is in opposition to that of the book “I Am a Strange Loop” by Douglas Hofstadter, which I will review very soon on the Books blog. 
Many psychedelic substances, often illegal, do have a chemical derivation from DMT.
The film takes the view that the “establishment” doesn’t want people to invest themselves in the world of transcendental consciousness, away from physical production of goods and services, because social stability and the “power structure” would be undermined.  Of course, this is often said about marijuana use, particularly in arguments for legalization.

I saw the film on Netflix instant play, but the film is available free on YouTube (I’m not sure how legally). The film originally came from Synthetic Pictures.    

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