Sunday, June 09, 2013

"Darshan: The Embrace": A female saint in India is generous with the hugs

Darshan: The Embrace” (or “Darshan—l’eteinte”) , directed by Jan Kounen, refers literally to a physical greeting from Mata Amritanandmayi Devi, or Amma, “the hugging saint,” from Kochi, Kerala, India.  She makes it a point to hug as many as 45000 people in a 24-hour period. 
He also has a religious theory about how evil resides in people, and how it takes a certain discipline and sense of relinquishment within the heart to rid oneself of it.
I’ve always been wary of gratuitous physical contact and affection.  It’s always seemed to me that personal love should be “selective” if it is to be “creative”.  But in a real world, it often derives from adaptive circumstances. 
I can recall that very point came up during my period as an “inpatient” at the National Institutes of Health in the later part of 1962.  There was a female patient, not very intact, who would constantly ask, why can’t we “love everybody.”

The 2005 film comes from Wellspring Media and IFC Films. The film was sponsored in France, but is mostly in Malayalam with subtitles. 

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