Friday, May 17, 2013

"Gayby": the feature takes a different track from the short

Sometimes short films morph into interesting features, sometimes not.  I had seen the short “Gayby” at DC Shorts (reviewed Sept. 12, 2010),  and the feature, also by Jonathan Lisecki, does take on a different emphasis.  (I had a more positive experience with "The House of Adam", reviewed March 26, 2012).  
In the short, yoga teacher Jenn (Jenn Harris) needs to have a biological baby to get money from an estate. The feature doesn’t seem to develop that interesting problem (there have been other movies where getting an inheritance depends on marrying and having children, like “The Bachelor’). Instead, tie comedy focuses on the distractions that other characters – on both sides, can provide. It seems like people feel free to come and go into the lives of others.  Maybe New York is too expensive a place for privacy.  
In the beginning, we have the setup as previous college friend and  gay man Matt (Matthew Wilkas) agrees to her wish to do it the old fashioned way. “I’m a guy. I can put it anywhere.” 
Matt works in a library-bookstore (“It’s free”, sometimes) and meets a parade of men, such as bear Nelson (Lisecki himself), and a divorced bisexual with kids.  Jenn encounters a spectacular (straight) painter and interior designer (Louis Cancelmi), whom she trusts with the keys to her apartment.  Eventually, it won’t be clear who the father is.
Moralists can question the idea of having babies and not intending to raise them with the same mother and father in a marriage relationship. But in this story, there’s a real chance that Matt will learn fathering after all.

The feature is from Wolfe Video (link).

For a short film, you can look up “Honeypot”  from Live Chat Films (6 minutes).  It’s a sting, all right.  Back to the days of the 50s.  

Picture: Redhook, Brooklyn NY (my visit, Feb. 2013).  

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