Friday, May 31, 2013

Argentina gives as another comedy about professional swingers, "2 + 2", and they're heart surgeons; watch who does your bypass

It seems as though foreign filmmakers like to make comedies about swing and wife-swapping, like the US did in the 70s and 80s.  “2 + 2” (“Dos mas Dos”) is a comedy from Argentina and director Diego Kaplan.
Richard and Diego (Juan Minujin and Adrian Suar) practice cardiology together, and decide to open up their relationships from their wives Betina and Emilia (Carla Peterson and Julieta Diaz)  Pretty soon, they go to a swinger’s party, feel liberated.  The wives get particularly aggressive with the opposing husbands – who may not be completely “safe”.  Is this like square dancing – where you have a partner and a corner?
One of the doctors has a tween asthmatic son, whose needs will bring him back to reality – although in a comic way.  Will the two marriages survive? If  they do so, will they become stronger?
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I had to wonder about the blasé way these surgeons treated their professionals lives, which look as glitzy in Buenos Aries as in the US.  If you have to get up at 4 AM to scrub for coronary bypass surgery and start operating at 6 AM, how can you swing the night before?  (Oh, that's right, David Letterman''s emergency was in the afternoon; his scar was only bigger.)
There is a scene where police stop a couple at a DUI checkupoint  for a breathalyzser test.  Neither pass the test. But they don’t get arrested (they should).  They just have to walk home (or call the other couple for a ride).  The legal limit, by the way, is just 0.05. 

One of the wives is a television meteorologist, and she is always predicting big storms, particularly in Patagonia. 

I receive a screening code from Strand to watch on Vimeo. 

The DVD will be available from Strand Releasing June 4.  

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