Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"Insidious": "Exorcist" meets "Inception"

Insidious”, as a title of a film, reminds me of “Notorious” (Alfred Hitchcock), but this 2011 horror film was directed and written by expatriates from the Saw series, James Wan and Leigh Whannell.
The outline of the story may resurrect better memories of “The Exorcists”, but this film bring sup more speculative chances, like having two bodies (dopplegangers) and living in two spaces at the same time. Well, “Inception” did that.

Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson, from “Little Children”) is a well-compensated high school English teacher who likes to give tests.  He and his wife Renai (Rose Byrne) already have some issues with Dalton(Ty Simpkins), the oldest of the three kids. The kid becomes fearful of paranormal stuff in the house, and soon so does Rose.  One day Dalton falls into an unexplained coma, but paranormal activity continues in the house.  At this point, it’s well to mention that the movie had opened with an image of a mysterious old ghostly woman in the house.  The family moves to another house (and their ability to do so quickly strains credibility) and it keeps getting worse anyway.

At this point, the movie invokes a parallel world, “The Further” in the home by introducing Tiny Tim singing “Tiptoe through the tulips with me”, just the way we sang it in the Army in 1969.  They hire a ghostbuster or medium, Elise (Lin Shave), one of the strongest characters in the film. She convinces the family to keep her on the séances, using ghostbusting and “auditing” technology.  Soon the film is in “Inception” land, and it turns out that Josh is the key – he seems to be able to fight battles in the further, more by parallel existence than by lucid dreaming.  His own doppleganger may not be stable, however, as the ending shows.
The official site (Film District, Alliance Atlantis, and Sony Video (like Screen Gems?) is here
The film has a sequel coming in 2013.   The eclectic music score is effective. 

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