Saturday, April 06, 2013

"Future by Design": the work of inventor Jacque Fresco

The documentary “Future by Design” (2006), by William Gazecki, presents the work of architect and inventor Jacque Fresco, who is viewed as a modern Leonardo Da Vinci.

Most of the film consists of Fresco talking, while animations of his planned communities, cities and other inventions are show.  There are also many clips from an August 1974 television review on Larry King Live.
Fresco imagined a utopian world which could function without money (even the bitcoin).  People would still work because of “need” but would do work that they enjoy.  Materials would become intelligence, and buildings would construct themselves, not only with robotics but also with “memory materials” which he explains in molecular terms.  The concept is interesting, but the way he applies it would seem to contradict the notion of entropy in physics.

Much of his work was done around a planned community in Venus, FL, where people in individual homes could not see other homes through the vegetation.

Fresco believes that most people’s value systems develop to support established power structures, which are often religious.  He believes only primitive civilizations have war, crime, and want.  There is a question of how develop his communities (some underwater!) without considering individual people and how they relate to the whole.  He doesn’t mention climate change specifically.
The official site (from Open Edge) is here. The film played in many smaller festivals.  

Fresco is now of age 97 and lives in Brooklyn, NY, Wikipedia here

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