Monday, April 01, 2013

"Eban and Charley": gentle, but disturbing

Eban and Charley” (2000), by James Bolton, presents a gay male couple that gradually becomes intimate and shows great tenderness.  The main problem seems to be a legal one, as Charlie (Giovanni Andrade) is a teen and somewhat underage, and Eban, 29, is a recently fired teacher from Seattle.

Eban has come back to Seaside, Oregon to stay with his parents, and hasn’t told anyone why he was run out of the school system. The parents are a little bit concerned at his lifestyle and late hours.  Charlie lives with is authoritarian father after his mother has died in an accident.  Both men know sign language.  Both play guitar. 

There’s nothing really explicit that happens; it’s just that Eban has a tendency to “fraternize” with younger males (students) in intimate situations.  This is nowhere near the level of activity of, say, a Sandusky.  It’s important to note that when this film was made, law enforcement was not a “intolerant” as it has become in the past few years.

In one scene, Eban’s own father calls him a pedophile (all the parents threaten to involve the police), but ephebophile is the correct term.  And in some European countries (where Charlie has been) it wouldn’t be illegal, perhaps.  Is Charlie mature enough to make his own decisions?  No.   He needs to finish school first, doesn’t he? 
The DVD  (site) is distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures but the original film came from Picture This. 

In the US, actors (regardless of youthful looks) must be 18 or older when explicit films are made.  I;m not sure if that rule applies if there are no explicit scenes (if what is shown stays within PG-13 territory; this film does so, but has no formal rating). 
Wikipedia attribution link for Seaside, OR picture 

The DVD crops the picture as 2:35:1 aspect, sometimes losing vertical detail,  The resolution is not as good as normally expected on DVD's today,

I remember the names of the characters in Gordon Merrick's 70s novels like "The Lord Won't Mind", Charley and Peter.  


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