Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Disconnect": A cyber version of "Crash"?

Disconnect”, the new Altman-style episodic drama from Henry Alex Rubin, maybe well be a cyberspace answer to “Crash” (Haggis) a few years ago.  As a whole, the characters are quite likeable enough to make this the breakout film it might have been.
The crux of the story has a private investigator Mike (Frank  Grillo) helping a distraught couple Derek and Cindy (Alexander Skarsgard and Paula Patton), after their identities are stolen.  It seems that Derek doesn’t have enough cash to pay his bills and faces repossessions and evictions, while his cards are frozen.   It’s unclear how naïve they are about the danger on the Net.  Mike has a fiery attorney (Jason Bateman) for a son, who intern has a tween boy engaged in online cyberhullying that results in a suicide attempt.   In another part of town (apparently on Long Island), Nina (Andrea Riseborough) gets unwisely involved with a teen porn star Jyle (Max Thieriot), who swears he’s 18.  But he he isn’t, she could risk jail.

I’ve seen Thieriot look "virile" in other movies (“The House at the End of the Street”, Oct. 4, 2013 here). It was shocking to see his body (even arms and legs) shaved (rather plucked like a chicken’s) and upper chest tattooed ("disfiguringly") in order to look like a larval underage punk.  Only a pervert could find him attractive.  What actors go through for parts! Please, don’t imagine him naked. 

The movie gradually gathers momentum, as it moves in lightning shots between various characters, toward a showdown that seems contrived.  You expect a tragedy at the end.  I won’t tell you if you see one.
The film (from the Toronto Film Festival) is distributed by Liddell Entertainment., link here

I saw this before a fair crowd at the Angelika Moasic in Merrifield, VA.  Great café food (like the deviled eggs).

Does anyone remember that silly thriller "The Net" from 1995 (Columbia Pictures, Irwin Winkler)? 

Second pic: Valley Stream Park, LI (mine, March, 2013)/  

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