Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"The Holy Quaternity" or "4Some": two couples squatting on a resort after a hurricance; they mix, and the kids aren't OK

4Some” (or “The Holy Quaternity”, or, in Czech, “Svata Ctverice”), a little 80 minute comedy by Hrejebk, may be a modern Slovak  answer to “The Ice Storm” or even “Bob, Carol. Ted and Alice”. 
Marie and Vitek, and Dita and Ondra, share a house near Prague and the men work together (always around big electric power stations).  When one has some lottery winnings, they go an island in the Caribbean for a “vacation”.   There is some discussion of the idea that much of the previous undesirable content of the island had been wiped out in a hurricane. The two couples don’t have any moral scruples about sharing their love for each other in all directions – they don’t believe in the marital norm of exclusivity (so much a topic of today’s social debate).  But this time, when they get back home (to a central European winter), the kids may not be all right after all.
There’s a nice sound track, that uses the Mozart Gloria near the end.
The setup reminds me of my own family beach vacations when I was a child.  We always shared the same row house in Ocean City for a week in June, many years in a row.  No, none of the antics of the film happened with us.  One year (1950) I got the measles and we had to come home early.
The official site is here. Strand Releasing has announced a DVD release date of April 16. The review was done from a screener private Vimeo link. 

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