Sunday, March 03, 2013

Shorts: "Camionero", "Triple Standard", and "Fishbelly White"

Here are three fairly substantial gay-themed short films, all recent and apparently completed in 2012.
The largest is “Camionero” (“Bus Driver”), by Sebastian Milo (from Idunnu), based on the short story “La Tercera va la Vencinda”, by Yomar Gonzalez.   The film (28 min) does not have subtitles and appears to come from Mexico.

In a boarding school, two boys are severely bullied because they are suspected of being gay, and cannot leave.  The each find drastic solutions for their problems.  There are scenes of hazing or blanket parties that are quite graphic, involving cigarette lighters, urine, shaving cream, and general mayhem.  It’s hard sometimes to say whether the hazing is specifically anti-gay or just what this culture sees as a rite of passage. On YouTube, there are varied opinions in comments as to whether the boys are justified in what they do.  The link is here.
 “Triple Standard” (19 min), by Branden Binn, presents two young men (Lee Amir-Cohen and William Jennings) on what appears to be a professional or semi-pro basketball team.  They are in a relationship, and one of the men is taunted by teammates.  The other claims he is “bisexual” and is hesitant about the relationship and coming out.  A great line in the film is simply “I’m done”.  It seems that the film intends to say that this could happen with any pro sports team (and the Major League Baseball 2013 season is about to begin).  Professional players normally share  hotel rooms (two to a room) on road trips (unless that’s changing in MLB, NBA, NFL, etc).   But I doubt the behavior on the film is representative of today’s pro world.  The link for the film (from Norcoda) is here
Fishbelly White” (17 min), by Michael Burke, from Pink Slip films, presents a shy and sensitive farm boy Duncan (Mickey Smith) growing up in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  He is a bit of a fowl whisperer, and gets called “chicken man” by the other kids (so was I, in the Army).  An older boy Perry (Jason Hayes) helps him get better with chores and with swimming and other manly things.  The film has allusions to "Mudge Boy" and "Billy Joe", I think.  Slowly, the two teens get closer.  There is a lot of cigarette smoking in the film. The link is here.    

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