Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"7 Below": One haunted house, more than one time zone

The film title “7 Below” (or “Seven Below”) suggests an outdoor vista of ice and snow, maybe a blizzard.  You hear that it’s about a group of strangers or acquaintances who get holed up in a haunted house in northern Minnesota during a a storm.
But actually the film (by Kevin Carraway) is shot in Goshen, Ohio (near Cincinnati) in summer, and the storm is a powerful front with power outages (candle light) and tornado watches.  You don’t get to see the twister.  Instead, the group is caught in a time warp, where the relive the scene of horrible murders committed there a century earlier by a disturbed boy (a timely theme, it seems, although this film seems to have been completed early in 2012).  Some of the characters learn they could be reincarnations, of course.  Actually, the idea of characters from different “time zones” interacting in the same space is potentially interesting.
The steadiest fellow is a medical student Adam (Mike Barr), who looks a little silly when he can’t identify a corpse early in the movie,  but then he carries the film, his own vulnerability the last to be exposed.
Luke Goss is the avenging angel Isaac, and Val Kilmer looks very over the hill as Bill McCormick.
The film is distributed by Arc Entertainment  (Alliance Atlantis) and the production company list includes Vtiamin A Films.  I guess nobody wants night blindness in a haunted house.
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