Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Nursery University": getting kids into pre-school in NYC is tough

Nursery University" (2008, 90 min), by Marc H. Simon and Matthew Makar, documents the hoops that parents (in the film, five couples) in Manhattan go through to get their three-year-old kids in nursery school or pre-school, where there are about 15 applicants for every opening in private schools.

Parents deal with lotteries, waiting lists, and skullduggery.  One parent submitted the application on David Letterman’s stationery.  Parents tend to take even not making the lottery personally.

The film livens up when the schools meet with the parents, and then show the actual interaction with small children in upscale nursery schools.  This job would not be for everybody.

Schools shown include the Chelsea Day School and Barrow Street. 

The film also shows how the schools evaluate which kids are best fits, but the process seems very subjective.

The official link (Variance Films and New Video) is here.

In his 2004 book, ”The Cheating Culture” David Callahan was critical of the expense wealthy parents go to in order to give their kids advantages that others won’t have.

The complete film can be rented on YouTube  for $2.99 (or from Netflix).

Note: The second picture was taken on Barrow St (by me, recently);  pictures are mine.  

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