Wednesday, January 09, 2013

"The SkinNY": new gay ethnic comedy from Patrik Ian-Polk, with a warning at the end

The best aspects of the new gay comedy by Patrik-Ian Polk, “The Skinny” (that is “The Skim NY”) is the tutorial on HIV prevention near the end, and the plentiful disco music, sounding 80s-ish, but composed by the director himself.

Four young black gay men (Jussie Smollett, Anthony Bureell as Kyle (“the thin man”), Blake Young-Fountain and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman)  and their lesbian best friend (Jennia Fredrique) get together in for a wild weekend in New York City a year after their graduation from politically correct Brown University (remember those speech codes?) 

The characters are a bit silly.  One of them says he deletes his Facebook profile and starts over when he has a new boyfriend.  If I did something like that, I’d never publish (or accomplish) anything. 

Gradually, stuff happens, and they wind up going to GMHC to get counseled on HIV prevention, and to face the question as to whether to take retroviral prophylaxis given the uncertainty.  By now we’re in the territory of gay soap opera.

I wasn’t aware that Harlem has its own gay pride march and festival.
The film was produced with Logo and the DVD is available from Breaking Glass Pictures (as of 12/11/2012). 

I got a review copy, which did not have the extras and seemed to lack details in some of the less well-lit scenes.  I hope the commercial copies have that technical issue fixed. 

I suspect some of the music from this film will show up on disco floors soon.

The official site is here
Apparently the film premiered in festivals in NYV in June 2012.  

Last two pictures: Mine, NYC, near Yankee Stadium, subway, April 2010. 

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