Tuesday, January 08, 2013

"The Quantum Activist": Amit Goswami; lecture can make interesting film (in a non-local world)

Amit Goswami lectures most of the time in “The Quantum Activist”, directed by Renee Slade, and Ri Stewart.  His English is a little hard to pick up in places. Yet, the ideas are so provocative that you stay grilled to the screen (in my case, a desktop computer on high-speed Netflix) following his arguments. 

India-born Goswami is a physicist and mathematician who has taught at Case (Cleveland), the University of Oregon and in Los Angeles.  His big idea is that quantum theory – the physics of the small – will show that existence really is grounded in consciousness and not just “the material” (matter and energy).

And, yes, this film shows that cursive partial differential equations on a blackboard can be photogenic.

Goswami challenges the “duality” of the material and the spiritual.  He says that the brain (of a human or any intelligent creature) is made of consciousness, which then chooses among possibilities (expressed in quantum states) to form the immediate consciousness we call “the ego”.

I do recall a dinner in August 1997, with a fellow writer, outside on 17th St. in Washington, when he said “I have an ego.”  That all came back during this movie.

Goswami says that non-local consciousness, or cosmic consciousness, is the equivalent (in physics) of God (to be investigated by methods that we call “theosophy”).  This leads to the possibility of telepathic communication – like when a friend tweets what you have been thinking but haven’t posted online yet.  (That has happened to me.)

He says that he is not a personal therapist, but interacts with people from some distance.  He referred to the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Schumacher College presents a lecture by Giswami on YouTube, “The Science of Cosmic Consciousness”.

The official site is here. The film comes from Blue Dot Media and Intention Media. 

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