Monday, January 21, 2013

"Is It Just Me?": A gay male love triangle comedy based on mistaken identity

Is It Just Me?”, from J. C. Calciano (2010), is “another gay love triangle, a comedy with an operatic twist: mistaken identities.

Brian (Nicholas Downs) writes columns for “USA Togay”, a free paper with an obnoxious straight editor. He is soft-hearted and soft-looking, but rooms (in West Hollywood) with a body-shaved gogo dancer and porn actor Cameron (Adam Huss).  He meets a nice guy (a guitar singer) from Texas, Xander (David Loren), who first bails him out as a stranger in a coffee shop. (Brian has a habit of not leaving tips in the jar.)   Then he meets Xander in a chat room (coincidentally), and mistakenly sends Cameron’s picture, because Cameron had logged on to Facebook on his computer. 

The comedy that follows pretends to balance lookism against character, and it isn’t always satisfying. Again, you have three characters (as in Judas Kiss), and they’re all likable, but the visuals fall short of potential.  Maybe because it all is just fun.  The way Brian gets caught is funny: Xander discovers the mixup when Cameron appears in a fictitious Netflix DVD of “Ghoul City Massacre”. 

There are some side characters: Ernie (Bruce Gray), Xander’s kindly elderly landlord, and the “faghag” Michelle (Michelle Laurent).  “Judas Kiss” has a similar Asian female character playing umpire in a triangle. 
The DVD has a short film “Dating Advice”, auditions, and a 25-mniute “deleted scenes” sequence with actually repeats whole scenes and makes them longer (without showing the viewer anything new).  I think DVD’s should show how long the extras are so the viewer knows how much time it will take before viewing.  The feature film runs 93 minutes.

The TLA link is here. The film won best picture in the Detroit Film Festival.

The entire film can be rented legally on YouTube for $3.99.

 First picture (mine, 2012): University Ave in San Diego (where gay clubs are located) 

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