Monday, December 31, 2012

"What Happens Next": a rather lame comedy about a retiree who "comes out"

The gay comedy “What Happens Next” by Jay Arnold (2011) starts out with interesting enough visuals.  Paul Greco (Jon Lindstrom), a confirmed bachelor and CEO for a center city Philadelphia marketing company, now in his mid 50s, starts out by showing us his fifty four $500 suits, white shirts, and perfect neckties.  We learn he is retiring after a buyout and will be rich with nothing to do.  No, not even volunteer work.

His helicopter sister (Kimberly Fairbanks) is determined to marry him off – and says that love doesn’t matter, just companionship and social appearances.  She gets him a pooch whom he has to learn to housebreak. He calls the doggie “Mrs. Greco”.  

But on dog duty near his Rittenhouse Square condo, he meets an appealing young man, Andy (Chris Murrah) with another dog.  You guessed it.  Paul will gradually come out.

While Andy is appealing enough and someone you would want to know (and we can say the same about Claire’s photographer son Brian, played by Ariel Shafir), the film gets bogged down in cropped and trite script lines. Many scenes start on the same park bench between Andy and Paul, and give the impression that the film is really a stage play. And their final intimate encounter is rather short-circuited. 

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The film is distributed by Wolfe, known for daring and over-the-top LGBT films  on real dilemmas.  But this little comedy is not among the company’s best offerings.

The film seems to come from the same people as “The Big Gay Musical”.
The film can be rented on YouTube legally for $3.99.  

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