Saturday, December 01, 2012

"The Resident" doesn't sell living in Brooklyn

In the opening of “The Resident” (a 2011 film from Antti Jokinen), a young medical resident, Dr. Juliet Devereau, separated from her husband, seeks an apartment in the Big Apple, and a realtor, demonstrating how a murphy bed works, says, “Welcome to real New York living”.  She explores the Brooklyn Promenade area near the Brooklyn Bridge (did I catch a glimpse of Bargemuisc?) before stumbling on a huge loft for only $3800 a month.

The rest of this horror thriller (from Image and Hammer Films) explores the plot (and thriller) implications of the landlord’s being after her.  It’s so non descript that they could film much of this in New Mexico.

Oh, yes, she’s pretty effective as an emergency room doctor, where men lose their chests.  So she knows how to defend herself, particularly in the final sequence.

The link for the film is here

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