Monday, October 15, 2012

The Daniel Prophecy: a high-level warning, based on the book of one of the Bible's sturdiest young men ("The Daniel Project")

The Daniel Project”, directed by Debeorah Forrest, presented by Jeremy Hitchen, in memory of James Gennell,  from Studio Scotland, covers prophecy that I have heard in church for years, particularly when I was living in Dallas in the 1980s (and especially in conjunction with “The Rapture”, on my “CF” blog, Sept. 3, 2012).

The presenter’s theme is that we all ought to pay attention to what the prophecies could mean.  Most of us are too “self-absorbed” with our own agendas and families to care (one could say, “too sinful to notice’).
The major elements of prophesy are diaspora, followed by re-establishment of the Jewish state in 1948, the return of the Hebrew language, agriculture in the desert, the blocking of the East Gate to Jerusalem, and many other signs.  Mankind did not have the ability to destroy himself until the 1940s. The film points out a typical conservative theme – that a “world government” would make the entire planet susceptible to the actions of one man (like Hitler), who could be defeated in the past by other separater nations.

The film asks why anti-Semitism has always existed, and gives a relatively impersonal reason: a relatively small group of people (the Jews) had control over a promised land that many other groups wanted, in a largely desert part of the world. It doesn’t get into the intellectual issues like smugness.

However, it does raise the idea that the lowering of standards of personal morality by individuals could accelerate the approach of the end times.  This was always a common idea, which could be used against people who are “different”.  However, in recent years, personal morality has been connected to debates about “sustainability”.  If the world is going to end anyway because of prophecy, why would issues like climate change (and personal wastefulness) matter?  The early Christians faced a similar dilemma, because they thought the Second Coming was near then.

The film link is here.   The film is available for Instant Replay only on Netflix.

Curiously, I could not find a regular imdb listing for this film, but I did find a 7-minute tease on imdb here

Note: "The Daniel Prophecy" is a book by Kelly Nelson Birks, self-published under XLibris. 

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