Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Short films: "The Keeper"; "Watch Over Me"

I got an email on my Gmail account from the “Once a Week Film Festival” inviting me to watch an Italian short film, “The Keeper” (“Il Custode”), by Ludovica Gibelli and Marco di Gerlando, 12 min, 2012.

The film confronts us with an iconic middle aged man running some sort of children’s home in a religious estate in Italy, and then takes us through a hide-and-seek game in the form of a pseudo-horror film.  It reminded me of a game we used to play in those Ohio farm summers as kids, called “Green, Yellow, Red”.

As another short film, I watched “Watch Over Me”, a new etude (13 min) from Israel’s “Mysh”.  It’s a little hard to follow for someone who doesn’t understand the details of how the Israeli military works, especially in the West Bank.  The film deals with prisoners,  the possibility that gay Israeli soldiers might have relations with Palestinians, political leafleting, and a curious bond resulting in a confrontation “on the beach” (is this the Dead Sea?) with a denouement that explains the title. There is a bit of homage to camp horror. 

Neither film seems to be indexed on imdb yet.
I’ll advise if I see either one named as in a shorts film festival.  I don’t recall either one in the recent DC Shorts. 

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