Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Go see "Sister" in order to visit the Alps for the price of a movie ticket

If you go see “Sister” (“L’enfant d’en haut”), a new film set around a Swiss ski resort by Ursula Meier, see it for the spectacular mountain scenery and great shots from the ski gondolas.  See it in a large theater.

The story ought to be more compelling.  Simon (Kacey Motet Klein) is a likable and resourceful 12-year-old, who, while mixing with the rich and famous, makes a living by stealing ski gear from them and fencing them, rather like a bold entrepreneur who would draw the admiration of Donald Trump.  The problem is, he is beholden to a young woman Louise (Lea Seydoux) who is presented as his older sister.  It’s hard to see how she can afford to live in the high-rise in the valley, except by liging off of Simon’s “business”.  The key to a film like this is that you like the kid and that he can really redeem himself.

The film introduces a few young adult male characters, keeping you guessing where the film will go. One of them

There’s a clever line where Simon tells another older woman to address him as “tu” rather than “vous”, having significance in French.

 The official site for the film (distributed by Memento films and Adpt Films) is here

The soundtrack, despite the Dolby Digital marking, sounds substandard. That's too bad; the visuals of the film demand Imax. 

Today’s short film is “Paint the Ceiling”, a 3-minute Hulu film about a 70-year-old painter who describes how he started painting ceilings as a kid (shown as a short before the previews at Angelika Mosasic).

Wikipedia attribution link for picture from Killington in Vermont, the only major mountain with a beginner’s trail from the summit, which I skied down myself in Feb. 1973.  Second picture, Mt. Washington (mine), 2011. 

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