Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead": another pitch for natural plant food

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” makes the case for severe diet revolution, as it traces primarily two morbidly obese men.

Joe Cross is overweight and bloated both with food and steroids to treat an autoimmune disease.  After a fruit and water diet, which he calls a “fast”, he is eventually able to slowly get off the prescription drugs, too. He travels almost the entire country (as well as some of Australia) before meeting Phil Staples who, after a heart attack (which he describes in detail) joins the public fight.

The film, like “Forks over Knives” and Morgan Spurlock’s “Supersize Me”, is very critical of commercially processed food. It has a lot of animation showing bad eating habits and the concentration of empty calories.  Gabe Mirkin would be proud of the men.

The “tough love” treatment seems to be in vogue now with most doctors, who advise very severe fat restriction.  Bill Clinton has been saying that the vegan diet is the only way to go.  

It also offers a trademarked phrase, “Reboot your Life”. 

The film is directed by Joe Cross and Kurt Engfehr.

The official site  (Bay Pictures) is here.

The film placed in many categories at the Somona International Film Festival.

The film can be rented on YouTube for $1.99. 

There is a short film “The Kin” about making “Take in the Sunlight”.

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