Sunday, October 21, 2012

Alex Jones lays out an "Endgame" for civilization as we know it in his "Blueprint for Global Enslavement": the rumors about the Bilderberg Group

Conspiracy theories are legion, and the 2007 film “Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement”, by Alex Jones,  seems a bit of a rant, running for 139 minutes.

The basic premise is that the Bilderberg Group, a group of world leaders, collected by invitation only, are plotting to replace our current world with a single-government dictatorship, populated by a small elite( the  1%), who will be coddled biologically to live forever, with the next 20% of people serving them, and the remaining 80% eliminated.  One could say that the group came out of the Third Reich after all, but it sounds like it grew multifocally, de nuovo.  There has always been an “moral attraction” for some people that individual humankind should be forced to get better, to strive to be prefect – and that this aim makes a laudable endgame goal for civilization.

In fact, modern conservative thought has often said that it does care about protecting the most vulnerable among us, but that ought to be the moral expectation of every one of us, through the natural family first and foremost, not through government.

Indeed, this “world dictatorship” idea seems to mix totalitarian elements from both the far left and far right, in a way that both Hitler and Stalin, in ways more similar than different, did more than a half century ago.

Jones predicts a future where the people allowed to survive had electronic implants following their every move.  People won’t be allowed to move, and the cities will be depopulated.  Oddly, he also claims that many parts of the country will be depopulated and returned to the wild.

The film spends quite a lot of time on eugenics, and has a dramatic skit of a teenage girl’s being told she will be taken down to a hospital for involuntary sterilization because she isn’t fit enough. Sounds very much like Nazi Germany returned.

The film also presents the issue of organ harvesting, for transplants (to enable the privileged few to live forever), and accuses the Chinese of killing people for their spare parts.  The film here reminded me of Robin Cook and his 1970s novel and film “Coma”,  recently remade for AE Cable. There have been other horror films with this theme, like “Clonus”. 

The movie presents world wars (especially WWI) as financed by big business to get rich, and also claims that "climate change" is a lie perpetrated by those who want to control the movements of individual citizens. 

Much of the film takes the form of “reporting” outside a mystery gathering in a hotel in Ottawa, Canada, where the group supposedly meets. 

The film is produced by “Magnolia Management”, and I doubt that has any connection to Magnolia Pictures.

The DVD has three add-ons: "The Bilderberg 2007 Report"; "Battle for the Republic", and  the song "Jimmie Vaughn: Shackles on Me" (check for it on YouTube).
Alex Jones has a website called “Prison Planet”, here. Jones has become infamous by trying to have Piers Morgan deported during the gun control debate.  

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