Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The critters of "Madagascar" weren't "Born Free"

I finally got around to seeing a “Madagascar” movie, as sillier “kids’” movies usually don’t stay on my radar screen.  I'm content with just the first one, 2005.  The franchise member count is up to three, now, I think.

And even the Dreamworks logo starts off with the song “Born Free” (1969), but this time we won’t get to see a real “Elsa the Lioness”.

Instead, a lion, hippo. Zebra and giraffe escape form New York City’s Central Park Zoo, wind up on a boat to Africa, and then have to learn to be “free” wild animals on the island universe of Madagascar. After their ship capsizes.  (The anchor is quite cleverly drawn.)  Their initial escape is assisted by some “Happy Feet”.

At the end, they can’t resist the idea of going back to New York to be like people, and to see Spain and France along the way.  They’d rather be real free “people” than animals.  But, then, don’t most pets think they’re people?

Practically all the “current rock” music of a generation gets heard in the sound track, including Saturday Night Fever. 

The DVD has a one-minute short in a preview track, “Dolby Digital”.  Yup, that can make for a short film.

Chris Rock, the voice of the zebra, appeared in an anti-drug high school assembly in Fairfax County VA in 2007 when I was substitute teaching.  The other voices are Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and David Schwimmer. 

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