Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interview film "Julian Assange: A Modern Day Hero?" lets the whistleblowing master speak for himself

Julian Assange: A Modern Day Hero? Inside the World of WikiLeaks”  is a curious 90-minute video available for instant vliew on Netflix, from “Blow Whistle Blow” films (and MVDE Entertainment).  I can’t find it on imdb, and it lists no director.

The film consists of interviews of Assange and various other people connected to him.  It is divided into a number of sections (each with a banner reading “Courage Contagious”), the last of which is a live question and answer session with Assange and one other activist.

The initial interviews in the film cover the incidents in 2010 that led to the disclosure of leaks regarding the war in Afghanistan.  There is also a lot of coverage of the video “Collateral Murder” (available on my “cf” blog, April 7, 2010) of a serious “friendly fire” incident in Iraq, supposedly released with the activity of Bradley Manning.

There is a particularly disturbing account of a hack, apparently engineered from Melbourne, Australia, aimed at NASA’s launch of the Galileo.  Had it caused the space ship to explode in the air (like the Challenger), it could have killed a lot of people in Florida because of its plutonium payload.

Daniel Ellsberg is often interviewed, and he says that Assange replaces him as “The Most Dangerous Man in the World”.  See my review of the film about Ellsberg Feb. 28, 2010.

Bob Finkel, author of “The Good Soldiers”, says that Assange offered the Iraq film without appropriate context.

Assange starts the film with a quote that says that people have to be naïve to do extraordinary things, and be willing to break little laws to serve a higher purpose.

There is a website for the film, here

At least, it’s good to listen to Assange explain his ideas in his own words. 

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