Friday, August 10, 2012

"Zeitgeist: The Movie": The Spirit of the Times, and lots of conspiracy theories

The independent 2-hour video “Zeitgeist” (“The Spirit of the Times”), directed, written and narrated by Peter Joseph, certainly lays out the history of conspiracy theories.

The film is laid out in three forty minute parts.  It opens with a man talking about religion, which the picture is nothing more than an animated sine wave.  I think the voice is Osama bin Laden.   After some bombastic war scenes, The first part develops the “fallacy” of religiosity (lie Bill Mayer’s film for Lionsgate), comparing Christianity and Judaism to Egyptian religions, and pointing out all the obvious fallacies in the way major holidays (Christmas and Easter) are observed.

Part II is called “The Word Is a Stage”, and lays out the conspiracy theories behind all major wars, starting out with 9/11.  It examines the idea that the World Trade Center towers could not have imploded or pancakes from the jet impacts alone, and also discusses the collapse of another building in the area that was not struck directly.  It also looks at the Pentagon evidence, and claims that other evidence exists around the site in Pennsylvania for Flight 93 (some of it in Ohio) suggesting a conspiracy. 

Part III is called “Don’t Mind the Men Behind the Curtain”, and outlines the case that men in positions of financial power deliberately conspired to start WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, and the Vietnam war.  It traces everything back to a mysterious secret meeting of business magnates at Jekyll Island (off the coast of Georgia) sometime around 1907.  The film makes an interesting point about American colonial history, that England (mother country), out of mercantilist motives, denied the colonists the right to have their own currency in order to keep them indebted.  I remember this from high school – it was the basis of a final exam question.

The film concludes with some inevitable epigrams, like “There is no other, there is only one”, and “the revolution is now.” It claims that the government and business complex does not want individuals to think for themselves (with the exception of Silicon Valley, which has broken ranks).

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