Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Marmaduke": what will family pets tell us when we uproot them from their old home?

Sometimes I stumble onto family comedy, like the Tom Dey (2010) film for Fox and Regency, “Marmaduke”, the talking Great Dane, with the voice of Owen Wilson (sorry, no gams shown). 

His family (Lee Pace and Judy Greer) get moved to the O.C. (that’s Orange County, California, complete with the theme song from the famous Fox TV series) from Kansas, to the dislike of territorial pets, who include Carlos the Cat (George Lopez).   The big boss (William H Macy) wants Phil (Pace) to market organic dog food to Petco.  The household pets, with the help of their new friends, wreak havoc in the house, and then with the LA sewer system.

What do family pets think about? What would they say to us?  They see the same world we do with very different eyes and ears, as amateur filmmakers who track cats with mounted cameras have found out.  Back in the 1950s there was a television show called “The People’s Choice” with a talking dog named Cleo.
The O.C. except gives us a cameo of the very handsome Adam Brody.

Hulu offers an interview with the director, in "Life after Film School",  (website url) here.

You can hear the “O.C.” theme on this Fox trailer (no embed offered), link.

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