Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"The Lion of Judah": The Passion of the Christ through the eyes of stable animals

The animated feature “The Lion of Judah”, directed by Roger Hawkins and Dercyk Broom, places a fictitious story of stable animals in parallel with the Passion of the Christ.

A lamb Judah needs to develop his social capital to avoid being sacrificed at the same time that Jesus goes through the passion, the crucifixion, and finally Resurrection.  The other stable animals include a pig Horace, who will remind some viewers of the 1995 Australian film “Babe”. (Oliver North actually liked that film on his 90s talk radio show.)  There is also a rooster (Drake) and rat (Slink) and cow (Esmay).
The script (Brent Dawes) does explain quite clearly, in Christian terms, why Jesus atones for all of our sins.  But then it poses the question as to why Judah must be sacrificed (too) to relieve others of having to account for their own personal wrongdoings.  This all provides a twist on the concept of “personal responsibility”.
The DVD is distributed by Warner Brothers, but the theatrical release had come from Rocky Mountain Pictures, and the film was produced independently in South Africa by Character Matters and Sunrise Productions. The film can be rented on YouTube for $3.99.

The official site is here

The film should not be confused with a 2012 short documentary by this name on the Holocaust (review to come later).

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