Thursday, July 05, 2012

"Plan B": a three-way love triangle in Argentina dwadles

Marco Berger’s “Plan B” is a much slower film than “Ausente” (June 15), and it rather dawdles as it draws out its premise.  Berger must have learned the virtue of crispness after making this film, also in Buenos Aries, which shows up a bit.

Bruno (Manuel Vignau) and Laura (Mercedes Quinteros) have been dating, enough to share their love of felines.  But Laura is more interested in the gentler Pablo (Lucas Ferraro).

With absolutely no jealousy, the trio hangs out together, as Bruno befriends Pablo and finds he is more attracted to Pablo than any woman.  In dealing with his sexuality, he finds that Pablo, while “straight”, is perfectly willing to tease him along, for his own purposes. 

I’ve rather been a situation a bit like that myself one time.

But this film (shot 2.35:1 but a bit fuzzy in DVD transfer) lingers.  At one point, the screen is split by a closet door as the men disrobe, not yet ready to see one another. 

Rendez-vous films and “Oh My Gomez” produced this film (too), link (website url) here

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