Thursday, July 12, 2012

Andrew Garfield is sinewy as "The Amazing Spider-Man"

Back in at the end of the earlier “first” Spider Man movie,  Tobey Maquire, as Peter Parker, announced “I am Spider Man. With great power comes great responsibility.”

I think Tobey Maguire had more fun (“Whee!”) with the role than Andrew Garfield does in Marc Webb’s new 3-D summer Marvel comic book epic, “The Amazing Spider-Man”.  (It’s a little soon for an entire franchise remake.) But Garfield, now 28, both very lean and very muscular, really has the charisma for the role nevertheless. As the AP high school student by day who generates his jelly suit by night, he pulls it off.

Here, Peter Parker is attending a science high school in NYC, and the little subplot about bullying seems out of place.  When he interns at the high profile biotech company, he gets fascinated with the opportunities and gets himself bit by the arachnid.

Yes, there’s the story of his missing parents (associated with the research), and the death of his uncle Ben (Martin Sheen), as the aftermath of an encounter with a street thug.  There’s the overzealous (but not evil) Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), who, wanting to grow his arm back with spider venom, turns into a golem or dinosaur.  Dennis Leary places the police captain who suspects Peter’s vigilantism, and Emma Stone (the cop’s daughter) will be Peter’s loyal girl friend (no "Gossip Girl" here), who will have to clean up Peter’s mauled chest in one scene after an encounter with the golem’s claws.

There’s a line from Uncle Ben, “life’s about responsibility, not choice.”  But that’s early on, when Peter, just discovering his powers, doesn’t show up home in time to walk his aunt May (Sally Field) home in the dark.  Yes, as a young male, he’s expected to be protective of extended family.

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