Saturday, June 30, 2012

Solito's film "Boy" from Philippines makes you wonder about the precocious

We don’t get a lot of films from the Philippines, but the somewhat vulnerable country has sometimes generated a fascination from gay men. I recall this interest from one particular bar gadfly back in the 1970s. 

Wolfe Video offers a film “Boy” (one of many of that tile, 2009) by Auraeus Solito, about a thoughtful older teen (the script says 18) and “poet” (Aeious Asin) who falls for a stripper “Macho” (Aries Pena)  and sells his comic book collection to afford the evening he wants.   That would have been something like selling my classical music record collection when I underwent my “second coming” to prove I could give up “attachments”.

The “poet” talks debates the politics of Marcos with his mother (Madeleine Nicolas) and has decent relations with his pa (Noni Bueancamino).

The encounters (especially around the translucent aquarium) are intimate the way you want them to be.
The score, in the end credits, has some wonderful songs by Isha.

The film has been reported as having been banned in Singapore for "normalizing homosexuality".

As for "dancers" -- it's worthy of note that in the U.S., practices vary.  In Washington DC patrons can't touch them legally. In Minneapolis, patrons can fondle but they can't photograph. 

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