Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"A Siren in the Dark": body-snatcher or angel?

I must say that for me, at least, “A Siren in the Dark” (2008), by Laura Reilly and Steven Vasquez, gets to be a bit of a jumble. 

Cameron (Todd Tetreault) is a gay cop with psychic abilities, a bit like the NBC series character Grimm.  A crew-cut teen (David Beutler) enlists Cameron to help him find his unsteady lover Josh (Orion Cross). The journey turns into an episode of “Supernatural”  as the informal tag team discovers a coven of “sirens” or “angels”.  Maybe this movie is a take-off on “body snatchers”.

The film, from Ariztical, is shot in full 2.35:1, but the photography is sometimes a bit grainy. The film was shot in Orange County and around the Russian River.

Sometimes, "less is more" with explicit scenes, at least for me. 

The official site is here.

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